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Free Training Courses


Here is the list of some free training courses that are available.


  • Basic Physics

This course is taught by Dr. Wayne Rowlands. Basic physics and its basic understating of it is what this course is all about. If you want to know why the world works this way this is the right fit or you. Studying this course will involve a bit of history, math and a lot of everyday examples. To attend this course there is a background knowledge required in : Algebra ,Trigonometry and Calculus. You should study 3-5 hours per week but it can vary. Total video for this course is approx 3 hours and 56 minutes.  Additionally, read this article and know more information about courses and provided colleges list.

  • Becoming a Confident Trainer

Karen Turbull and Peter Green teach this course that is about confident trainers. This course helps you to understand that an effective trainer is someone who presents in a professional manner and has developed an awareness of the learning needs in a learning group. This is what this course will teach you:

How to be a first time trainer

How people learn

How to make sure that students are learning

How to develop flexibility in training

Students are advised to study 2-4 hours per week for this course. Total video time is approx 4 hours and 11 minutes.

  • Becoming Human :Anthropology

Assoc. Prof. Greg Downey is the teacher of this course. He is the field researcher and an expert in neuroanthropology (the study between brain and culture). This course is about evolution and how it works so here is what you will learn if you decide to attend this course:

Basic evolutionary concepts

Evolution of the human body

Differences between man and woman

What are brains good for?

Technology and new evolutionary tricks

This course requires 2-4 hours of study per week. Total video time is approx 4 hours and 20 minutes. Also take your look in site to get more tips and ideas to pick up best colleges.

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